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Faced with heightened production pressures, increased project scale, and fluctuations in project costs, the demands on construction firms continue to intensify. The BerryDunn Construction Group is eager to help guide owners, leaders, and construction financial professionals through the operating and reporting challenges and opportunities impacting this dynamic and complex industry. With deep experience, focus, and resources, our team provides meaningful insights on best practices in controlling and tracking project and operating costs, stabilizing cash flow, reducing tax liabilities, capturing reimbursable local taxes, and building capacity.

Our construction accountants and consultants thrive on helping each client gain control over challenges unique to their business, ownership structure, and project mix, and offer a range of services that strengthen confidence in reported results, financial position, and value:

  • Year-end reportingfinancial statement audits and reviews your surety and lender can count on  
  • Comprehensive construction benchmarking—see where you stand with the competition and discover what key metrics to focus on
  • Enterprise risk benchmarking—know your position on the de-risking scale to understand how to gain more control over operations and accelerate business value
  • Tax planning—beyond income taxes, our tax planning team can help you understand local and sales taxes in new project territories to optimize your tax position as your business grows
  • Contract review—understand the reporting impact of certain clauses on revenue recognition
  • Strategic and management succession planning—use succession planning services to see where you are and where your business is going, and chart a course for your business
  • Acquisition due diligence—perform comprehensive acquisition due diligence and identify areas of tax exposure and assess quality of earnings
  • Joint venture planning and accounting—check out your reporting possibilities before you dive in since ownership or interest structure dictate the options available for reporting activity and balances

We work closely with professionals in every construction segment, including commercial builders, heavy and highway contractors, general contractors, and specialty subcontractors. We tailor our service to support your needs and share knowledge about best practices to make better business decisions, strengthen internal control, and improve reporting.

BerryDunn demonstrates its industry commitment through investment in CICPAC, by developing CCIFPs, and by serving on chapter and national boards and committees of CFMA, AGC, and CICPAC. We also present regularly at industry association conferences on a range of key industry topics including A&A updates, ESOPs, benefit plans, and business valuations.

To learn more, please contact our construction accounting and consulting team.

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