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The right numbers—for the right decisions

Staffed by principals who take the time to know and understand each client, BerryDunn has helped a range of clients identify savings opportunities and find efficiencies in operations and accounting that help to streamline performance, while clearing the path for growth. Whether seeking to restructure operations, or to identify new strategies to increase profitability, we can help.

We tailor our service approach to suit the specifics of each client’s business. With experienced CPAs and consultants, we work collaboratively with key client stakeholders, and develop meaningful insights that clarify business results, enhance communications with shareholders, bankers, and other funders, and enable management to make better-informed decisions.

BerryDunn auditors help clients to:

  • Focus on information critical to meeting organizational goals
  • Give lenders confidence in financial statements
  • Work with potential buyers and sellers
  • Provide management and investors with information necessary to make well-informed decisions
  • Focus on key performance measures and results
  • Provide clear information for boards to carry out their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Identify ways to increase the efficiency of accounting and business practices
  • Improve internal controls to protect organization assets
  • Gain understanding of accounting and reporting requirements

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“I highly recommend BerryDunn for their exceptional service and seamless transition into our business. Their swift grasp of our operations and dedication to providing top-tier accounting and tax support have made them an invaluable partner for our company. Having transitioned from a national firm, we have found that we are getting big-firm expertise, locally.”  

Carolyn Gammon
Chief Financial Officer
Aroma Joe’s Franchising, LLC 

Top-tier accounting and tax support

"I have worked with different organizations over many years and have used BerryDunn for auditing services. They are efficient, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Their audits cover many aspects of nonprofit management in order to make sure the organization I work for is in compliance with tax laws, accounting procedures, and good governance. If an accounting issue comes up during the year, I’m able to use them as a sounding board for possible solutions – like should we really depreciate the time capsule that isn’t going to be opened for 100 years? (I was so glad the answer was no, expense it!) Nonprofits are complicated entities providing important services to our communities, and we have complicated issues that lead to complicated accounting. I fully recommend BerryDunn to any nonprofit looking to be sure their organization is well-governed and their accounting practices are legal and transparent."

- Diana McDowell, Retired Director of Finance and Administration, Friends of Acadia

Comprehensive auditing services for complicated not-for-profits

"My relationship with BerryDunn began in 2012 when I was recruited to fill the open controller position. At that time, BerryDunn and Hartwick College had an already existing relationship. Within months of accepting the controller position, BerryDunn was engaged for on-campus consulting to review the current endowment accounting at the College. The time taken for this service and the knowledge transfer was instrumental to a successful financial audit that year. After working with larger CPA firms in the past, I am impressed at how we see the same staff from BerryDunn return year after year, how well they understand the higher education audit requirements and the time they take to really understand Hartwick College. Their knowledge of the College and its financial statements and their willingness to consult with us during the year is invaluable. Working with BerryDunn has been a pleasure."

- Karen V. Zuill, Vice President of Finance, Hartwick College

Getting to know the client for long-term success