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The right numbers—for the right decisions

Staffed by principals who take the time to know and understand each client, BerryDunn has helped a range of clients identify savings opportunities and find efficiencies in operations and accounting that help to streamline performance, while clearing the path for growth. Whether seeking to restructure operations, or to identify new strategies to increase profitability, we can help.

We tailor our service approach to suit the specifics of each client’s business. With experienced CPAs and consultants, we work collaboratively with key client stakeholders, and develop meaningful insights that clarify business results, enhance communications with shareholders, bankers, and other funders, and enable management to make better-informed decisions.

BerryDunn auditors help clients to:

  • Focus on information critical to meeting organizational goals
  • Give lenders confidence in financial statements
  • Work with potential buyers and sellers
  • Provide management and investors with information necessary to make well-informed decisions
  • Focus on key performance measures and results
  • Provide clear information for boards to carry out their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Identify ways to increase the efficiency of accounting and business practices
  • Improve internal controls to protect organization assets
  • Gain understanding of accounting and reporting requirements

To learn more, please contact our financial statement audit services team

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