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Guiding the not-for-profits that strengthen communities

Mission-driven by design, not-for-profit organizations face the ongoing challenge of pursuing a set of defined objectives—while maintaining a constant focus on sustainability. The BerryDunn team of professionals serves a range of not-for-profit foundations, behavioral health organizations, community action programs, conservation organizations, and social services agencies, providing the vital strategic, financial, and operational support necessary to fulfill their missions.

With a team of CPAs dedicated to not-for-profit clients, we understand and embrace the unique challenges faced by social service providers and foundations—and recognize the vital importance of putting the mission first. As consultants to not-for-profit organizations, we provide:

  • Reporting and compliance experience with diverse funding sources. Our team brings a clear understanding of not-for-profit funding, in-depth knowledge of complex compliance requirements, and the industry-specific knowledge necessary for accurate, complete financial reporting.
  • Knowledge of current and emerging issues. As subject matter experts, we apply knowledge in not-for-profit accounting, audit, compliance, and taxation so you can be confident you are on the right track.
  • Deep, industry-specific knowledge. As consultants to not-for-profits of all sizes throughout the U.S., our team has a clear understanding of industry best practices. That knowledge informs our work—and enhances your performance.
  • Industry benchmarking. We maintain and regularly update our database of key not-for-profit financial indicators. Using that data, we compile and report updates each year, providing not-for-profit clients with clear benchmarks for peer comparison and continuous, targeted improvement.

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Annual Not-for-Profit Education Session

Monday, May 18, 2020

BerryDunn invites you to connect with your peers and our expert team of not-for-profit advisors. Together, we will prepare for the future by sharing actionable knowledge that will give you resources and tips for improving your organization's future. 

For more information or any questions, please email

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Annual Not-for-Profit Education Session

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