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RECHARGE 2024: BerryDunn's Annual


Session #1:

Opening Remarks & Not-for-Profit Industry Outlook

CPE Credits: 1 Specialized Knowledge
Presenters: Tammy Michaud, Principal
Emily Parker, Principal
Katharine Balukas, Senior Manager

Session #2:

Accounting Best Practices  

CPE Credits: .6 Specialized Knowlege
Presenters: Grant Ballantyne, Senior Manager
Mark LaPrade, Senior Manager

Session #3:

Tax and Renewable Energy Credit Opportunities: Creative Solutions for Financial Stability 

CPE Credits: 1 Tax
Presenters: Scott Davis, Principal
Joe Byrne, Senior Manager

Session #4:

Navigating Employee Benefits 

CPE Credits: 1 Personal/HR
Presenters: Bill Enck, Principal
Kristin Courtemanche, Senior Manager

Session #5:

AI Insights for NFPs: Emerging Uses and Risks

CPE Credits: 1 Specialized Knowledge   
Presenters: Chris Mouradian, Senior Manager
Tucker Cutter, Senior Manager

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BerryDunn experts and consultants

"Our partnership with BerryDunn began in 2014. After many years with the same auditing firm I was apprehensive changing firms until I met Sarah Belliveau and Tammy Michaud. Sarah and Tammy met with me to learn my vision for the relationship. Their approach is to educate and work as a team with clients. I like that my opinion matters and we can discuss issues/solutions together. When questions or issues arise the BerryDunn team is always available to guide or participate in a discussion with me. Our partnership has improved my knowledge base and our organization has strengthened its internal controls. I am grateful to all the staff at BerryDunn for their professionalism, dedication and knowledge."

- Susan Fulton, Chief Financial Officer, Endowment for Health

Building meaningful relationships―and stronger internal controls