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and long-term needs

Making independent schools better—at what they do best

Independent schools operate in a highly competitive environment, where regulation, financing, infrastructure needs, and student enrollment all play key roles in sustainability. Our audit and assurance capabilities are uniquely suited to help independent schools in their efforts to address the varied demands of this complex environment.

Our team provides the operational expertise and experience necessary to help your independent school with the development of clear, actionable strategic plans that address both near- and long-term needs. We work collaboratively with our academic clients to gain a clear picture of current needs, and to prioritize the work necessary to address them. Our team offers academic clients the benefits of: 

  • Industry-specific experience. We offer up-to-date consulting that stays abreast of current and emerging developments, and are able to proactively identify those issues that can affect your sustainability and success. 
  • A long, demonstrated history of serving independent schools. Our experience allows us to add value through knowledge sharing, and the introduction of best practices employed successfully by other organizations. Our involvement with ISANNE helps us stay up to date on emerging issues and developments.
  • Large-firm sophistication and capabilities. As a full-service consulting firm, we leverage the specialized knowledge necessary to address each client’s specific needs. 
  • Boutique-level engagement. We assemble the resources you need, when you need them, providing year-round communication and personalized service that addresses your concerns, identifies emerging issues, and helps you plan for complex accounting and compliance matters that can impact your mission. 
  • Solution-focused support. We work with you to identify critical issues—and provide strategies that address them. Our team works with your board and management to communicate recommendations, encouraging enterprise-wide adoption of new and ongoing initiatives. 
  • Staff continuity. We commit resources to our academic clients. This eliminates costly, time-consuming efforts to bring new team members up to speed, and encourages the development of productive, long-term relationships—and a shared understanding of your needs and objectives.

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Press Releases

“My trepidation of switching auditors was completely unfounded. BerryDunn’s staff made the transition easy with great communication, thorough on-site reviews and analysis, and well-planned restatements where needed. Despite being new to our school, they provided our smoothest and most professional audit ever. Make sure you ask for Sarah Belliveau and her wonderful team!”

- Steve Sitz, Carrabassett Valley Academy

Most professional audit ever