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Nationally recognized assurance, tax, and consulting firm

Our company has evolved over the years to stay on the forefront of the many industries we serve, and our mission is clear: to empower the meaningful growth of our people, clients, and communities. We deliver exceptional service, based on integrity, expertise, and a constant commitment to client success. 

About BerryDunn

BerryDunn’s nearly 50 years in business have taught the firm the importance of evolving and innovating. Whether it’s mastering the competitive financial services market or creating strong healthcare systems for seniors, our clients’ dedication inspires us to be the best we can, offering services, insight, experience, and dedication to help them achieve their goals. With nine office locations in the US and territories, and 800 employees nationwide, we deliver innovative solutions to help our clients succeed—wherever they are.

Our communities thrive
when our clients thrive.

We take pride in helping our clients make an impact in their communities, providing support to improve services for citizens, patient care, and everything in between.

Our growth is
strategic and thoughtful.

We invest in our people and technology, and expand our expertise, services, and footprint strategically. Our focus is always on providing more value to our clients.

Our culture is
our greatest asset.

Our identity stems from a dynamic culture all can recognize. We value our communities and the people in them—starting with our clients and employees.

Our solutions

BerryDunn has two separate but inter-connected focuses: the assurance, tax, and advisory services developed by our firm’s founders and a wide range of consulting services. Our teams work collaboratively to bring the right people to your project to provide customized solutions for your unique challenges, meeting the needs of over 30 industries.


We work in close partnership with clients to objectively and holistically examine business processes. Our Consulting Team develops innovative solutions for clients operating in corporate and public sector environments. Whether we engage at project inception, or come in to refocus an initiative already underway, we help define strategic goals and carry them forward.

Assurance, Tax, and Advisory

We take the time to know and understand each client. Our Assurance, Tax, and Advisory Team helps organizations across more than 30 industries identify accounting and operational efficiencies to streamline performance while clearing the path for growth. Whether seeking to restructure operations or to identify new strategies to increase profitability, we can help.


BerryDunn has been recognized for the work we do with our clients, the environment we create for our employees, and the impact we make in our communities. Our people are our greatest asset and we take pride in the quality, diversity, and engagement of our teams.  

Workplace Culture Excellence
Top 50 Accounting Firm

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