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Gain controlMonitoring cost and quality

Manage population health—and protect your financial integrity

With expertise in finance, actuarial science, assurance, quality measurement, and data management and programming, BerryDunn’s integrated team helps clients develop and maintain successful population health management.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are responsible for the cost and quality of the healthcare they provide to patients attributed to them. Managing ACOs requires intensive data management and analysis to monitor both the health of the ACO’s population and the financial health of the ACO as it assumes the risk for the cost of care.

We provide comprehensive assistance to new and established ACOs, and work collaboratively with you to manage population health and optimize financial incentives. Our team assists clients by:

  • Setting up, maintaining, serving out, and analyzing detailed population health claims and other data
  • Assisting with population attribution and risk stratification
  • Developing reports on quality and other measures used to manage population health
  • Providing actuarial support and financial modeling to determine required payment levels and project financial performance
  • Developing sustainable population health payment models and assisting with contract negotiations
  • Overseeing assurance services

We have extensive experience with all segments of the healthcare payment chain—payers, providers, and risk-bearing provider organizations—and leverage that broad base to provide integrated, customized solutions.

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