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Preparing for, recognizing, and responding to cyber attack

BerryDunn’s seasoned cybersecurity experts provide the knowledge and experience you need to prepare for cyber attack, recognize signs of a breach, and mitigate and repair any resulting compromises to your data security, systems, and reputation.

Overseen by a dedicated, credentialed team of IT, security, and auditing experts, our incident response and disaster recovery planning services are invaluable before, during, and after a security breach. We work collaboratively with your designated stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the scope of the business—and to identify threats that pose the greatest risk. We then develop a comprehensive cybersecurity plan tailored to your unique circumstances—and support plan implementation to ensure enterprise-wide adoption.

In addition to preventive security measures, our disaster response and discovery plans include clear, concise, and actionable response protocols—enabling swift, effective efforts to identify and resolve incidents early. As active partners with each client, we remain available to bolster security efforts, to develop and implement business recovery efforts, restore any interrupted or compromised services, and assist with internal and external communications to keep stakeholders and customers informed and engaged.

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