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Objective, real-world IT systems advice for justice and public safety entities

In the justice and public safety realm, enterprise-wide IT systems typically have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Given that timeframe, few organizations have the on-staff expertise or capacity necessary to effectively navigate the process of upgrading or replacing those systems. That’s where the deep expertise and objectivity of our IT experts proves invaluable.

As partners for justice and public safety organizations across the country, BerryDunn’s demonstrated expertise helps to streamline the enterprise IT systems specification process—from requirements definition and RFP development to system selection and implementation. Because of our day-to-day involvement with a broad range of justice and public safety clients, we have a clear understanding of available solutions, and our objectivity allows us to pair clients with the ideal technology to suit their needs. That effort begins with stakeholder input and continues through in-depth needs analysis, helping to identify and address challenges, and to establish clear guidelines to optimize system performance and adoption throughout the enterprise. 

As enterprise IT system consultants, the BerryDunn team has assisted police, fire, and sheriff departments, along with a variety of corrections, probation, and court systems and state attorneys. Our team will provide you with:

  • Insights learned through engagements with justice and public safety clients across the country, including both best practices and common risks
  • Thorough process management and implementation support to maintain system functionality throughout the transition process, ensuring minimal disruption to critical security and safety operations
  • Stakeholder engagement and ongoing communication to overcome internal resistance to new technologies and processes, and to encourage and streamline adoption throughout the enterprise
  • Up-to-the-minute knowledge of available systems solutions, applied by subject matter experts with real-world experience in their respective domains
  • Objective recommendations based solely on what’s best for our clients. BerryDunn does not represent or align with specific products or technologies, allowing us the freedom to identify and recommend the best possible solution.

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