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A risk assessment and systems replacement of a midwestern state's department of public safety

Client Description

A Midwestern Department of Public Safety manages criminal justice data and the exchange of information between various law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.


The state was experiencing significant business process inefficiencies and needed to replace two legacy systems—a Criminal History System (CHS), and a Crime Reporting System (CRS)—and implement two new systems to increase automation and leverage features of modern functionality.

BerryDunn’s Solution/Approach

The state engaged BerryDunn to conduct an independent risk assessment of these legacy systems which included the following activities for each system:

  • Assessment of the current system environment
  • Fact-finding and analysis
  • Research to develop findings, risks, and issues
  • Development of a Risk and Issue Management Plan
  • Presentation of Risk Assessment Reports

Following the risk assessment, BerryDunn assisted the state with contract negotiations for the new CHS including:

  • Participating in technical discussions between the state and the potential CHS vendor
  • Advising the state in the best methods to mitigate potential risks during negotiations
  • Providing the state with a Contract Risk Report with findings and recommendations


BerryDunn’s independent assessment of the systems helped the state define potential risks and issues with the current system environment and their selected systems ahead of and during contract negotiations, providing them with confidence to move forward with the selection of a CHS vendor and execution of an implementation strategy for the replacement CRS system.

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