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Expertise that protects your resources—and peace of mind

BerryDunn’s diverse team of experienced Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Information Systems experts, and attorneys has a long history of helping organizations detect and quantify past fraud damages, assess current fraud risks, and mitigate future potential for fraud, waste, and abuse. 

The BerryDunn team works closely with clients to identify and eliminate the key organizational risk factors of pressure, rationalization, and opportunity that pave the way for fraud. Of the three factors, opportunity is the most powerful—and the simplest to address. Following a thorough assessment of current operational and security protocols, we develop and implement proactive internal controls that enhance resource protection and eliminate opportunities for fraud to occur. 

In addition to bottom-line impacts, fraud also carries the potential to significantly harm organizational reputation and morale—with long-term impacts that equal or surpass financial loss. Our team can assist your organization in safeguarding your resources and reputation through:

  • Fraud risk assessment to identify currently existing vulnerabilities to internal or external fraud and provide a mitigation plan
  • Forensic audit to gather evidence of fraud and quantify the financial damage made by the fraudster and provide a mitigation plan

To learn more, please contact our forensic accounting and fraud investigation services team

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