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Gain momentum Natural resources

Tax and finance solutions tailored to natural resource industries 

With extensive experience in the natural resources industry—and a clear understanding of processes from material sourcing to product manufacturing—BerryDunn provides clients with the informed insights, actionable strategies, and ongoing support necessary to ensure success. 

Whether engaged to plan a client’s next phase of growth, or focusing on a client’s core business, we understand both the operational and financial issues that affect this challenging industry. We work closely and collaboratively with each client, acting as a strategic partner to plan and execute your vision. 

Our team has specialized experience serving a range of clients within the natural resources industry, including:

  • Timberland owners. We understand the tax advantages inherent in timberland ownership, and can develop clear, compliant, and financially advantageous tax strategies that consider Sections 631(a) and (b) of the Internal Revenue Code, timber depletion, nontaxable exchanges, casualty losses, conservation easements, involuntary conversions, and reforestation incentives. 
  • Timberland investors. In addition to our tailored support for owners, our expertise extends to accounting, audit, and tax issues unique to timberland investors, such as entity selection, partnership tax issues, integration of timberland ownership with not-for-profit ownership and timber REITs.
  • Manufacturing. Our manufacturing base includes clients from throughout the forest products industry, including sawmills and plywood facilities, pulp and paper manufacturers, whole log chippers, and heating and biofuel facilities. We have helped clients to increase efficiency and profitability with projection and forecast models, financing transactions, succession planning, and exit strategies.

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