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Gain ControlInternal Financial Controls Review

Managing your internal controls

BerryDunn helps clients navigate the complexities and challenges of a constantly changing internal control environment. We start with an assessment of each client’s existing internal control program, and then work closely with stakeholders to identify strengths and vulnerabilities.

We initiate each engagement by asking thoughtful questions about the client’s business, control environment and activities, risk assessment, monitoring, and communication. This process allows us to evaluate the current state of effectiveness, while we find and close gaps, and build a stronger overall control system. After we deliver our recommendations, we can also provide monitoring support to make sure any new control environment is ready to meet any current and future concerns.

With the ever-changing regulatory environment (e.g., the upcoming FASB ASU 2014-09 on revenue recognition), it is critical that internal control considerations integrate with management consideration of financial reporting needs in order to avoid material weaknesses in internal control.

BerryDunn can assist you with internal controls including:

•    Consulting on the design and implementation of internal controls over financial reporting
•    Reports required for audit, consulting, or agreed-upon procedures engagements
•    Internal audit services
•    Systems and Organization Controls (SOC) examinations and reporting

To learn more, please contact our internal financial controls review services team

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