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Experienced guidance for an evolving technology industry

Through our deep experience with technology organizations, we have developed a keen ability to provide timely support and guidance in the fast-paced, ultracompetitive technology business environment. 

BerryDunn teams help you gain ground, whether you’re an emerging innovator or a multinational enterprise. Our advisors provide tailored guidance, and address the challenges unique to your situation—through accounting and financial reporting support, guidance for capital market funding, or development of merger, acquisition, or exit strategies. 

Our team’s experience spans the spectrum of technology enterprises, from start-ups through multinationals, working in fields as diverse as software and hardware development, clean technology, medical device manufacturing, and life sciences. Our team can help you:

  • Take advantage of R&D credits
  • Pursue government contract opportunities
  • Improve internal controls and analyze ways to improve bottom-line performance
  • Stay current on state and local tax rules and filing requirements
  • Navigate complex revenue recognition rules
  • Get a handle on tax filing matters important to start-ups, such as filing in particular state jurisdictions or capitalizing start-up costs
  • Implement International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and satisfy customer reporting needs
  • Develop and implement IT security protocols
  • Perform buy-side and sell-side merger and acquisition (M&A) due diligence
  • Identify the type of organization (LLC, S, or C Corp) best suited for you
  • Determine executive compensation, ownership stakes, and other stock-based compensation arrangements 
  • Develop exit planning strategies to maximize value and minimize tax liabilities

Well-versed in every stage of building a business, our experts stay active in innovation hubs and hold leadership positions in technology councils aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and advancing innovation in the technology sector. 

Tech companies are subject to a variety of federal, state, and local tax regulations, privacy and data protection regulations, consumer lending laws, and patent protection. We stay ahead of the curve on the regulations that directly affect the technology sector, and help our clients gain control of unique tech opportunities.

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"It's certainly the smoothest audit we've ever encountered, which is largely a credit to your and your team's approach—having clarity around procedure/testing and year-over-year continuity in expectations for documentation/evidence has really assisted us in building repeatable and documentable processes and helps ensure we're addressing the right issues."

- Curt Drummond, Operations Manager, ClaimVantage

SOC 2 audits for SaaS providers—translating processes into clear internal controls