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Finding fair market valueESOP valuation and feasibility studies

Delivering the art and science of expert ESOP valuation

The ESOP valuation process is complex. Whether you’re forming an ESOP or having an annual revaluation, reliable valuations require insight, expertise, and careful documentation. BerryDunn’s valuation team provides thorough and unbiased ESOP valuation services, tailored to withstand the scrutiny of the company’s management team, ESOP trustee, and Department of Labor. 

In addition to ESOP valuations, BerryDunn also provides complete feasibility studies for companies considering the establishment of an ESOP. These studies evaluate shareholder objectives and consider your company circumstances to:

  • Establish a clear, supportable value range
  • Model the cash flows and tax benefits of various scenarios 
  • Determine the most favorable structure, in terms of financing, contribution levels, retirement benefits, and other attributes important in considering the ESOP formation 
  • Arrive at the ESOP transaction structure that best serves the goals of the many stakeholders in the ESOP process, including selling shareholders and employees

To learn more, please contact our ESOP valuation and feasibility studies services team

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