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Go forward with confidence: Key business insights for financial institutions 

BerryDunn’s Financial Services Practice Group gives you access to a team of CPAs, information technology experts, and business advisors who work closely with financial institutions throughout the Northeast. We share our knowledge of emerging developments in financial services accounting, audit, information technology and security, and taxation so you can be confident you’re on the right track.

Using our industry knowledge, we bring clarity to the complex challenges and opportunities facing financial institutions to help you make better-informed financial decisions. Our team works closely with client financial institutions to provide:

  • Insights on industry developments. We maintain a close eye on industry trends and changes, and keep clients apprised of developments affecting financial institutions. These insights help clients to stay ahead of the competitive curve, and on track for success.
  • Objective situational analysis and decision-making support. We combine our deep industry knowledge with a thorough understanding of the specifics of each client’s business, and use that intelligence to inform smart, strategic recommendations. 
  • In-depth knowledge of financial services. With more than four decades of experience serving client financial institutions throughout New England and beyond, we provide practical, up-to-date advice for streamlining operations, maintaining compliance, and improving performance. 

Real guidance through real expertise

Do you know the latest changes in accounting for CECL? Or the tax consequences of operating in several different states? At BerryDunn, you’ll work directly with a seasoned team that understands these issues, takes the time to learn your goals, and leverages industry-specific knowledge to help you take advantage of opportunities that drive value.

BerryDunn experts analyze the specifics of your operations and recommend proven solutions meet your unique goals, needs and preferences. You gain new insight into a variety of options, whether it’s strengthening internal controls, evaluating regulatory challenges, developing tax planning strategies to help you improve profitability or growing your business and realizing your vision for the future. We also provide implementation examples, allowing you to plan for new, complex accounting matters that may have a direct or indirect impact on you. Here are the services we offer.

BerryDunn’s Financial Services Practice Group brings its specialized regulatory and financial accounting knowledge to its clients with a personal touch. With a wide breadth of talented and personable staff members, and a focus on fostering a strong relationship with clients, BerryDunn has set itself apart as a premier accounting firm in the financial services industry.

Looking for more information about how we can help? Contact our Financial Services Practice Group Leader, Rob Smalley.

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"BerryDunn’s expertise in FDICIA and internal controls has been a tremendous asset to our bank. Their experience in the financial services industry has helped us better account for and structure our controls to ensure we meet our risk, regulatory, and compliance requirements. We highly recommend giving them a chance to show you what they can do!”

- Nicolas Karmelek, SVP and Chief Risk Officer at Avidia Bank

FDICIA and internal controls expertise—an asset to banks

“As our bank continues to grow in size and complexity, BerryDunn’s consistency, quality, and responsiveness are invaluable. From our annual audit to close support on FDICIA compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and our employee benefit plans, their team is always available to help.”

- Ken Colpritt, Chief Financial Officer, Bangor Savings Bank

Comprehensive auditing services for a growing bank

“We engaged BerryDunn four years ago to perform our internal audits for the credit union. They are professional, flexible, and respectful of our business needs. Their team has a vast knowledge of both regulations and industry practices which they use to be supportive while providing direction on best practices. We appreciate the thoroughness of their reviews and thoughtful collaborative discussions concerning their findings.”

- Sandra Cloutier, Cuerme, Chief Operations Officer, Infinity Federal Credit Union

A professional, flexible, and respectful approach to internal audits

"Our Bank engaged BerryDunn to validate our Current Expected Credit Loss (“CECL”) model and perform consultative services. They reviewed our CECL calculation, model documentation, model governance, policies, and procedures. Their services involved a holistic review of our methodology. Their expertise surrounding the CECL standard, and the financial services industry was remarkable. Throughout the engagement, they were extremely responsive and offered great insight. They have been a huge asset to our Bank as we prepare for CECL adoption. We would love to work with them again in the future!"

- Diana Taxiera, Vice President and Controller, BayCoast Bank

Holistic CECL services