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SOC audits

Compliance services for organizations of all sizes

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Helping you meet customer and regulatory obligations with SOC reports

BerryDunn understands System and Organization Controls (SOC) reporting and how the results can impact your organization. Our professionals combine their industry expertise with over 30 years of experience helping clients meet their customer and regulatory obligations. We take the time to understand your reporting needs and work collaboratively with your team to guide you through the process.

During a SOC readiness assessment, we provide you with tools to help you prepare for an audit. We have the expertise to help you establish a control environment that continues to strengthen and mature by identifying internal controls you already have and providing guidance to fill any gaps.


SOC readiness assessments

Our team helps organizations develop and implement controls to prepare for an upcoming SOC examination. We can guide you throughout the process, from preparing for an examination to successfully completing your first SOC examination. We provide perspective on what you can expect and insights that position you for a seamless transition.

SOC 1 reports

We provide a comprehensive assessment that prepares you to demonstrate the effectiveness of your financial reporting controls. This reports covers Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) and is ideal for organizations that process data or provide services critical to their customer’s financial reporting.

SOC 2 reports

Our SOC 2 reports position you to confidently let your customers know that their data is secure. We report on internal controls as they relate to the five Trust Service Categories established by the AICPA. This report is ideal for organizations that receive requests from clients to provide more clarity on their internal controls in place to protect client information and ensure system availability and data integrity.

How BerryDunn can help

We value our relationships with clients. Our audit teams are designed to ensure that familiar faces with knowledge of your environment are on the audit team each year. You can expect clear and consistent communication, providing you with what you need to succeed now and for future examinations. 

Our goal is to add value to your internal controls through an audit partnership that increases your internal control strength year after year. Our approach considers your organization’s size and security maturity. 


"Our first SOC 2 with BerryDunn was easily the best audit experience we've ever had. Throughout the entire process we sensed that the BerryDunn team was truly acting as our partner. They saved us many hours and dug down into the details of our policies and procedures to uncover every aspect that needed improvement. Most importantly, they empowered our staff with knowledge and best practice recommendations for the future. In the end, we're a better company for working with BerryDunn."
Alan Neveu
CTO and Co-founder
Certify, Inc.
"It's certainly the smoothest audit we've ever encountered, which is largely a credit to your and your team's approach—having clarity around procedure/testing and year-over-year continuity in expectations for documentation/evidence has really assisted us in building repeatable and documentable processes and helps ensure we're addressing the right issues."
Curt Drummond
Operations Manager
"BerryDunn is an exceptional firm that has been instrumental in helping us keep pace as our business needs have grown and evolved. The scope of services they provide for us now includes audit, tax, SOC 2, and advisory services. The teams have great synergy, and we benefit from working with BerryDunn across different tracks. As Arkatechture has evolved from a data services company to a data analytics SaaS company, BerryDunn has matched their engagements to fit our business needs."
Ryan Walsh
Director of Finance and Accounting

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