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Gain control Design and implement

Strengthen and mature your IT environment

Our team of seasoned IT security professionals can help you design and implement an IT controls review that delivers results. The best part? Our multidisciplinary experience in controls, security, and other technical areas in specific industries allows us to customize a report specifically for you and your business needs. 

You can use it to protect your data, strengthen your security and control environment, and meet the reporting requirements of boards, customers, and regulators, while getting increased buy-in from leadership. You will see better maturity and security, with measurable improvements and the reduction of severity in security incidents. 

The review is ideal for assessing current controls related to the management, application, and implementation of IT and security controls, and it can be used for an internal self-assessment or for external reporting/regulatory and contract requirements. 

We provide:

  • Focused control assessments using best practices, well-known frameworks, with specific requirements of your industry to meet your unique needs
  • A team made up of a combination of industry, security, and technical experts to provide an in-depth assessment
  • Identify gaps in controls and opportunities for improvement and detailed recommendations to mitigate potential risks tailored to the organization 

Who can benefit:

  • Financial institutions
  • Private organizations (manufacturing, financial services, technology)
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Governmental agencies
  • State lotteries and vendors 
  • Universities and colleges

Systems we work with:
Assess controls using frameworks such as

  • NIST
  • FDIC
  • ISO 27000 family 
  • CoBIT 5
  • FERPA 
  • State Privacy Acts 
  • GDPR 
  • PCI
  • SANS Top 20
  • CIS Critical Security Controls
  • GLBA

To learn more, please contact our IT Controls Review services team

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“We have engaged BerryDunn for the performance of two NIST/GLBA risk assessments over the last two years. Each time the consultants were professional, knowledgeable, and provided great insight with specific knowledge to the higher education industry.”  

- Alicia Porter, Ohio University

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