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Public works and utilities consulting

Practical solutions for improved operations

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Improve operational effectiveness for public works and utilities

Drawing on decades of experience and subject matter expertise, our public works and utilities team helps local government agencies improve the efficiency, service, and confidence of operations. Our consultants have overseen municipal services including streets, traffic, stormwater, fleet, facilities, water and wastewater treatment, meters, water distribution and wastewater collection, administration, and related customer service.

Whether your agency needs help aligning business and service delivery functions, setting rates, meeting new mandates, creating effective organizational structures, or recruiting and retaining employees, our team has the firsthand expertise to help you meet your goals. 

Areas of expertise

Our team has been serving state, local, and quasigovernmental agencies for over 30 years and provides a full range of professional services that supports our ability to serve your most critical needs.

Asset management plans

Whether you’re creating a new asset management plan or working with an existing one, we help you assess and optimize your plan by looking at asset inventories, setting levels of service and applying cost-effective management strategies that support long-term planning and financial forecasting.

Asset management plan development and implementation
We analyze asset inventories and levels of service and apply cost-effective management strategies that support long-term planning and financial forecasting.
Asset management plan assessments
We assess your current asset management plan, as well as supporting systems, and identify areas for improvement.
Work order business process review
We review your work order processes to find ways to optimize your system for faster response times, improved resource utilization, and better customer service.

Organizational assessments

Our team has deep expertise in helping agencies enhance decision-making, boost performance, and improve employee morale through organizational assessments and improvements.

With knowledge of best practices and peer benchmarking, we partner with you to implement effective public works and utility management principles. In our process, we consider all voices, perspectives, and experiences in assessing your current environment and developing recommendations that reflect a shared vision. 

Staffing assessments

Appropriate staffing is critical to your agency’s success. Our experienced team partners with you to assess, evaluate, and implement a staffing strategy that will support your service delivery and financial goals. We look holistically at staffing, starting with your organizational structure. We consider recruitment and retention, as well as employee engagement, performance, and succession planning.

Succession planning and career ladders
We help you create succession plans and career ladders to help ensure business continuity and improve operational performance.
Organizational structuring
After a thorough analysis, our team will develop organizational structure options and recommendations to support an equitable, high-performing agency.
Recruitment, retention, and staff engagement
We will make recommendations based on our expertise for improvements to staff recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Technology consulting

Our team provides strategic guidance to help you plan, develop, implement, and manage your digital technology solutions. We can assist through the entire process, from system selection to implementation, identifying areas where technology can improve data management, capture workflows, and improve customer service.

Asset management software
We can help you select the best asset management system for your needs, and assist throughout the process of procurement and implementation.
Work order management
We can help you assess your current work order system or assist in selecting and implementing new technology.
Citizen-facing reporting and transparency
Our team has firsthand experience in public works and utilities and understands the needs of citizen-facing communications.

Business process improvement

We engage cross-functional teams and stakeholders to evaluate processes, and adjust and adapt to achieve new goals or meet changing requirements, aligning and synchronizing your staff efforts with business processes to drive positive change.

We help you manage change and facilitate the process, developing updated performance metrics and tools your team can use to monitor progress. 

Business process mapping
We help you develop improved processes, policies, and technology to best support your operations, improving efficiency and service to your stakeholders.
Performance measures and metrics
We partner with you to develop performance measures and metrics based on industry best practices.
Organizational change management
We guide your team through change by using strategies that promote buy-in and consensus to positively impact adoption, acceptance, and overall project success.

Utility rate studies

Our team of local government financial management consultants partners with you to create reliable and sustainable rates to build a stable financial base and meet the needs of the communities you serve. We provide cost-of-service and rate-setting services to help ensure rates reflect both current and long-term costs. 

Cost of service analysis
We look at the full cost of providing services, including government fund costs, enterprise costs, and internal service costs.
Revenue sufficiency analysis
Our consultants are experienced at conducting analyses to ensure your rates will produce the revenue needed to meet your expenditures.
Policy analysis
We review existing policies and make recommendations for improvements to align with your goals.
Our team provides rate recommendations including short- and long-term forecasting.

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