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Long-term care and senior living experts

Whether you’re a retirement community and/or assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, or specialized housing facility, BerryDunn can help you optimize finances, staffing, processes, and technology. Our expert advisors deliver practical, up-to-date advice for improving each client’s performance. We design our assurance services to not only meet audit, review, and/or compilation financial statement requirements, but also to provide value-added insight on operational and reimbursement opportunities.

Our client engagements are led by CPAs, business consultants, and IT professionals specifically focused on supporting healthcare service providers. Clients work directly with senior talent who take the time to understand local markets, unique challenges, and client-defined goals and objectives. We also provide proprietary benchmarking data to provide clear, relevant performance comparisons to and among regional peers, which clearly highlights both strengths and opportunities for improvement. We then leverage what we’ve learned to develop clear, actionable strategies—and make better-informed operational and financial decisions.

Working with more than four decades of experience, our team of expert business, finance, operations, and technology advisors have tackled challenging issues for a broad range of healthcare clients, making us uniquely suited to help clients in their efforts to address:

  • Complex reporting and regulatory requirements
  • Sluggish revenue cycles and slow collections
  • Inefficient processes
  • Cloudy projections
  • Daunting financial statement reporting requirements
  • Outdated or under-utilized technology
  • Complex reimbursement regulations
  • High taxes and low cash flow
  • Turnover in key leadership roles
  • Retrospective settlements
  • Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) challenges
  • Confusing Affordable Care Act notices or penalties
  • Under-trained billing and compliance staff
  • Rapid industry consolidation

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