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A skilled nursing and assisted living facility enhances new EHR capability for ongoing improvement


A skilled nursing and assisted living facility was implementing a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. While some foundational capabilities had been implemented—nursing documentation, ADL charting, MDS, and billing—it had yet to implement the eMAR interfaces with pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology partners. Additionally, leadership still needed to determine how to address paper documentation received by providers.


BerryDunn’s team:

  • Worked with a design team of nursing, social services, finance, and leadership to create a document management process for scanning and attaching documentation into the EHR software
  • Helped stakeholders understand and design the interface capabilities for laboratory and radiology
  • Provided implementation guidance for a bidirectional integrated eMAR with their external pharmacy
  • Helped assess the organizational changes needed to achieve these efforts


As a result of this work, the facility was able to:

  • Gain buy-in from leadership and key stakeholders for needed changes
  • Implement an integrated eMAR
  • Make informed decisions on how to integrate with external providers
  • Create a structured plan to implement additional interfaces and changes over time

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