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Enabling health connections through technology: Telehealth consulting

While telehealth use has risen out of necessity due to the pandemic, it may become the new normal as providers rapidly adapt to serving their patients at a distance. The benefits and conveniences of telehealth—for providers and patients alike—will likely expand in the years to come.

Providing safe, quality, and convenient care means increased access beyond face-to-face services. In some situations, the efficiencies of telehealth versus traditional healthcare visits provide improved outcomes, cost savings, increased capacity, and expanded access over physical distance. Our telehealth consulting services help clients strengthen their ability to connect with and support patient and community health, and improve connections across all spectrums of care.

Telehealth Consulting

As partners with your organization, we collaborate to strengthen connections and support patient and community health. For more information or to see how we can help you, please contact the telehealth consulting team.

A holistic approach to telehealth services
BerryDunn's telehealth consultants offer best practices and perspectives from the viewpoint of the payer, provider, or agency. Our clients include:

  • Healthcare organizations: Long-term care and senior living facilities, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), community health centers and rural health clinics, and other providers
  • State and local government: Medicaid agencies, public health departments, and correctional agencies  
  • Educational entities: Higher education institutions and K-12 districts


  • Technology consulting—Facilitate procurement, system selection, and implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) and other solutions that improve efficiency.
  • Strategic planning and project management—Analyze and optimize organizational strengths and develop strategies for leveraging resources and opportunities.
  • Forensic accounting—Detect and quantify fraud, assess current risks, and mitigate the potential for future fraud, waste, and abuse with forensic accounting.
  • Security consulting and policy development—Identify vulnerabilities, draft new policies and procedures, and develop security programs.
  • Telehealth coding and billing—Implement telehealth processes to improve timely and efficient care.
  • Healthcare data analytics—Provide data management and statistical expertise to improve analysis and outcomes.
  • Revenue cycle management and credentialing—Evaluate opportunities for system and process improvements that result in enhanced cash flow and positive revenue impact by providing credentialing and revenue cycle consulting services.
  • Business process planning—Provide guidance on the most effective approach to using technology, eliminating inefficiencies, and reducing costs.
  • Organizational studies—Assess the benefits of considering people, processes, and technology to improve the organization and achieve effective outcomes.
  • Change management—Facilitate a healthy adoption of change from a new system or process.

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