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Using technology to share data and streamline processes for improved service quality

Client Description

A state health and human services agency and three of its departments


The department within the agency used separate healthcare information systems (HIS), creating “siloed” views of their client data and impacting the quality and efficiency of service delivery. As a result, the agency sought to replace the legacy systems with a modernized shared electronic health record (EHR)/HIS.


BerryDunn’s health and human services consulting team worked closely with the three departments and agency stakeholders to:

  • Prioritize system goals with agency stakeholders
  • Document the core business processes by department
  • Complete an ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ assessment of business and technical capabilities
  • Develop a consolidated requirements document
  • Create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the EHR/HIS procurement
  • Provide project management, oversight, and subject matter expertise during the vendor selection process


The agency has a clear understanding of its high-level priorities and goals related to a shared healthcare information system. The detailed requirements and business processes necessary to support those goals in the future environment have been identified, and the agency has greater knowledge of the industry’s ability to support its requirements and processes.

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