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Maine Veterans' Homes system selection and implementation

Client Description

Maine Veteran’s Homes (MVH) is a public, not-for-profit organization with six facilities located throughout the state of Maine.


MVH was frustrated with its clinical and billing system, as well as the software vendor’s inability to address MVH’s needs. MVH engaged BerryDunn to assess the current situation; evaluate and select a new EHR, billing, and financial software system; design infrastructure changes; and plan and oversee the implementation of changes.

BerryDunn’s Solution/Approach

Phase 1
An assessment of software, hardware, infrastructure, staffing, and skills, which guided the strategy.

Phase 2
System selection—a methodology-driven process to determine the best solution to meet MVH’s Electronic Health Records (EHR), billing, and financial software needs by:

  • Interviewing clinicians, physicians, administrators, billing staff, and other stakeholders to understand their operational needs
  • Defining the system requirements, developing the request for proposals, and evaluating vendor responses
  • Designing a demonstration script and clinical scenarios to structure consistent vendor demonstrations
  • Negotiating milestone-based contracts with established acceptance criteria
  • Defining interfaces for EHR, Pharmacy, Financial, Lab, and PACS systems


By the end of the engagement, BerryDunn had:

  • Reduced duplicate and redundant work through use of a single point of entry
  • Enabled clinicians to chart and document at point and time of care
  • Improved access to chart and resident data
  • Supported the needs of the next generation of staff, residents, and families
  • Enabled MVH to lead in a changing environment

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