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Experience and understandingState Veterans Homes

Supporting State Veterans Homes—valuing your mission and honoring those you serve

For over 25 years, BerryDunn has served State Veterans Homes, supporting your mission and the population you serve. As your demographic trends, technology requirements, resident needs, and regulatory requirements change, we partner with you to navigate this changing landscape.

Your organization will benefit from team members who possess a deep understanding of what Veterans Homes need to be successful―from strategic planning and system selection to audit, cost reporting, and reimbursement consulting. Our deep experience working with State Veterans Homes provides us with a unique perspective on the differences and commonalities that exist in your operations, allowing us to confidentially share best practices and lessons learned.

We don’t simply apply a Band-Aid to fix your issues. We take a holistic view from a project management approach that integrates your needs related to people, processes, and technology. Our team works with you to improve payments, technology, efficiency, and your level of service to veterans. We provide:

Accounting and reimbursement services

Healthcare IT and management consulting services

  • Strategic planning. Create a strategic planning roadmap that shows you how to expand your mission and navigate change for veteran care.
  • System selection. Establish priorities, evaluate vendors, and make sound software decisions with system selection services, including EHR consulting.
  • Project management. Our project management team can help you implement healthcare software, technology, and changes with deliberate intent, structured process, and a well-defined mission for increased efficiency.
  • Change management. Help your people navigate change, adopt new ways of doing things, and increase their engagement with change management best practices. 

To learn more about how we can help your State Veterans Home, contact our healthcare consultants

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“Maine Veterans’ Homes hired BerryDunn to address our aging infrastructure and EHR adoption challenges. They guided us through an objective assessment of the situation, supported us during the vendor selection process, and oversaw the ensuing system implementation. This required BerryDunn to gain buy-in from various stakeholders and to foster change across the organization. With their help, we achieved our vision of a single source of entry for our clinical and operational data to support a more timely delivery of data to clinicians, more informed decision-making, and improved resident care.”

- Deb Fournier, RN-BC, MSB, NHA, Chief Operations Officer, Maine Veterans' Homes

More informed decision-making and improved resident care