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Choosing the right enterprise systems to ensure success

For most organizations, the task of selecting new enterprise software occurs once in a generation. It’s an enormous—and enormously important—process that brings both opportunity and risk. Objective, experienced consulting support is key to arriving at a decision to serve your organization for the life of the new system and beyond. Enterprise system selection and procurement is a core area of BerryDunn expertise. Our specialists employ proven processes and bring deep knowledge of available and emerging technologies, allowing them to align your objectives—and arrive at your ideal solution. 

The BerryDunn team has worked with a range of enterprise clients, from municipalities, academic institutions, and health systems, to corporate institutions of all sizes. Our approach to each engagement is client-specific, and our proven process includes: 
Risk mitigation. Our extensive software system selection experience helps to ensure thorough risk analysis and comprehensive risk mitigation strategy development tailored to your organization’s unique exposures. 

Change and project management. Our team includes certified change and project management specialists. We work closely with your team to arrive at the ideal specification—and provide hands-on process management during implementation. 

Objective, independent system recommendations. Independence allows us to provide objective system consulting services and to offer recommendations that serve your organization’s best interests.

Consistent communication. We maintain open lines of communication with stakeholders throughout each engagement, and maintain flexibility to incorporate feedback, maintain progress, and ensure quality outcomes. 

Enterprise software assessment. We have a proven methodology for assessing enterprise software needs (e.g., ERP, EHR, SIS, etc.). We collect and analyze information from multiple sources to inform and expedite decision-making. Like our work processes, we structure our service offerings to serve each project’s specific needs.

Services often include:

  • Structured RFP development
  • Proactive vendor outreach efforts
  • Development of demonstration scripts
  • Preparation of staff for reference checks and site visits
  • Evaluation scoring matrix development
  • Definition of data conversion objects and interoperability of systems
  • Demonstration facilitation

To learn more, please contact our procurement and system selection services team

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