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Gain efficiencyBetter beverage and cannabis control

Operational efficiency, optimized customer experience, and increased revenue

As governmental entities with both regulatory and retail responsibilities, state alcoholic beverage and cannabis regulatory agencies face the unique challenge of simultaneously enforcing state laws and regulations while operating a customer-friendly retail business.

BerryDunn’s consulting team understands that challenge and provides the expertise necessary to identify and implement smart business practices and information technology (IT) solutions that enhance compliance and operational efficiency—while improving customer experience and increasing revenue. We collaborate with you to help optimize both your regulatory and retail performance. As partners with your organization, BerryDunn will:

  • Help you balance demands for high-quality customer service and strict compliance with state laws and regulations
  • Offer fair, unbiased recommendations that serve your best interests. BerryDunn does not develop or sell hardware or software and maintains strict independence from vendors to ensure objectivity.
  • Match your organization’s needs with appropriate IT systems and employ proven systems development methodologies that streamline implementation and address challenges, while achieving organizational goals.
  • Communicate with stakeholders throughout the engagement, incorporating feedback, and encouraging adoption of new systems and protocols.

BerryDunn’s consulting team provides the following key services to state alcoholic beverage and cannabis regulatory agencies:

  • Technology consulting—Facilitate system acquisition, software implementation, and oversight services for, ERP, Point of Sale (POS), and ecommerce systems. Whether your agency, board, or commission employs a control model (retail or wholesale) or license model, our team of liquor industry experts here at BerryDunn will help you acquire the right system(s) to meet your needs.
  • Organizational consulting—Optimize your operations with Organizational Change Management (OCM) services and organization development services
  • Project oversight—Provide point-in-time or full-time Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services that monitor IT project health.
  • Business process analysis and improvement—Work collaboratively to improve business processes and determine optimal workflows so you can provide more services at lower costs. 
  • IT and business strategic planning—Create roadmaps to success and identify tactical goals to improve outcomes with strategic planning.

For more information or to see how we can help you, please contact the state alcoholic beverage control consulting team.

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