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Gain guidanceIndependent Verification and Validation

Identify risks early, avoid costly rework, and manage your projects with confidence

You can avoid many software defects and project challenges when you detect deficiencies early. BerryDunn’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services provide clients with advance notice of potential trouble—helping prevent implementation problems before they start. Our team has the expertise to provide IV&V and similar services for a broad range of system implementation projects.

BerryDunn’s third-party verification and validation processes focus on prevention—not costly, inefficient remediation and rework—to provide project stakeholders with confidence, while giving implementation teams the support they need to reach objectives on time and on budget. Our experienced staff will help you identify and respond to risks, providing practical recommendations to reduce the likelihood and impact of preventable complications. We review vendor deliverables with fresh eyes—and an agenda strictly focused on providing clear, objective, and high-quality assessments.  

Our services range from point-in-time assessments to a full-time multidisciplinary role, and can scale to suit the size and scope of any implementation. Services include:

Continuous IV&V: Our team monitors day-to-day project practices against plans and best practices to verify and validate that the right work is performed—the right way. 

Point-in-time IV&V: We begin with a preliminary IV&V assessment of each project, followed by periodic IV&V assessments. We typically complete assessments after each development phase to identify potential risks, provide a neutral perspective of the vendor project plans and contract, and evaluate organizational readiness.

Independent project health assessments: We evaluate projects spanning multiple agencies or departments and assess if their progress is in line with business and technical objectives, employing best practices, and utilizing appropriate control processes and systems to ensure satisfactory completion.

Third-party reviews: We provide assessments of at-risk or failing projects, acting as independent and objective experts to identify the root causes of problems, reenergize management, rebuild team morale, and regain stakeholder trust.

In-depth reviews of test processes, practices, and outcomes: Our automated code and/or continuous integration reviews assess software code quality, while our system architecture assessments provide system test results to determine the soundness of the system structure and security controls.

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