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during system replacement


A large city in the Southwestern US was using three separate, outdated, and disparate legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), community development, and utility billing systems to support city functions. While funding for system replacement was not an issue, the city had a history of failed attempts at updating their systems. They struggled to obtain buy-in and support from leadership while balancing three very large and intensive system replacement projects.


BerryDunn’s team worked with the city to:

  • Identify a project sponsor—a member of the city’s executive leadership—who ensured organizational support and appropriate resource allocation for the project
  • Promote stakeholder and subject matter engagement through early communication with staff
  • Build trust through open communication and transparency

BerryDunn’s project team included a change management lead—a person dedicated to leading the city through the process of preparing for, managing, and reinforcing change, adding value as city staff learned to embrace change and become vested in implementation activities.


With the help from BerryDunn, the city is currently successfully under contract with two vendors, and is in the process of selecting the third. The city was able to gain support from leadership and obtain positive participation from project stakeholders.

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