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Independent and objective software consulting services

Selecting and implementing an enterprise software solution is a complex process. At BerryDunn, our consultants have deep expertise in helping organizations through the entire system life cycle. From ERP systems to EHR, EAM, HRIS, CAD, RMS, CAMA, CIS, SIS, permitting, utility billing, and enterprise-wide software solutions, we help organizations and government agencies redesign processes, focus responsibilities, and independently select the best solution to address their unique challenges and embrace the modern capabilities of today’s marketplace.


From assessing software needs to selection and implementation, we can guide you through each stage of the process, no matter where you’re starting. 

System planning

BerryDunn works with you to thoroughly understand the current state, develop and document measurable goals and outcomes, and navigate the system selection process. From there, we inform the process with market research and analysis to explore possible solutions.

Software procurement

We provide you with a clear view of opportunities to improve business processes and assist with requirements gathering, system integration needs assessments, and system selection activities.

System integration needs assessment
We can help you identify and document system integration touchpoints to help guide your system procurement strategy.
Procurement planning and system selection assistance
We provide the tools and insights you need to efficiently and effectively schedule and score proposals to aid in the decision-making process.


BerryDunn can guide you throughout the contract negotiation and approval process with your preferred vendor, helping ensure that your best interests are met and project goals and objectives are achieved.

Contract drafting
We can help you draft a contract using your contracting procedures and the vendor’s proposal as starting points, facilitating the acquisition and implementation of a high-quality system that specifically meets your business needs.
Contract review
We will review contracts with the project team to help ensure requirements are clearly defined and can facilitate presentations to leadership during the approval process.

Software implementation

We customize our services to meet your needs with project management, organizational change management, system maintenance, and transition support planning, to keep your projects on schedule, on budget, and within scope.

Full-time project
We can work as the implementation project manager, identifying project risks and issues, monitoring project activities, providing recommendations to mitigate risks, and leading the coordination of vendor activities.
We will act as an active advisor to the client-side project manager, as well as lead select implementation activities.

Project recovery

We can help you correct a project that is slipping and get it back on track. We identify risk, maintain open communication, and resolve challenging issues.

Project turnaround
We can rapidly assess your troubled project and develop and execute an immediately actionable project recovery plan.
Vendor replacement
When a project turnaround is not possible, we can help you determine what may be salvageable and help identify a new vendor.

How BerryDunn can help

The human aspect of projects can often be forgotten in the maze of regulatory changes and legal requirements with which organizations and government entities must comply. Whether we work with you from project inception or come in to refocus an initiative already underway, our team has the background to understand your needs, and the depth of project experience and technical expertise necessary to provide the guidance and support you need.

BerryDunn is not affiliated with any specific software vendor, allowing us to be truly objective. We stay abreast of the best solutions in the market, as well as industry best practices, emerging trends, and updates in the software vendor community. Our independence allows us to provide objective system consulting services and offer recommendations that serve your organization’s best interests.

About us


"The City of Philadelphia hired BerryDunn as a planning consultant for two Streets Department projects. BerryDunn's staff applied valuable industry and government knowledge to produce a requirements package that hit all expectations and added significant value to the projects."
John Malcarney
City of Philadelphia
"In my 35+ years as a software consultant and IT director, this is the smoothest conversion I have ever experienced, and a lot of the credit goes to BerryDunn and their team of qualified professionals."
Brian Scott
IT Director
City of Wilmington, NC
"In times of uncertainty, having the right partner makes all the difference. I can say with confidence that BerryDunn was an active contributor and co-author of a plan that better positioned our organization for growth and a brighter future. BerryDunn took the time to understand our organization at its core—appreciating our staff's passion for their roles and the constituents they serve. BerryDunn helped us become even more dynamic and removed the fear of losing what brought us here to begin with. With an eye for care and detail, BerryDunn encouraged us to embrace change so we could better serve our community."
Shon Sylvia
Executive Director
Metro Parks Tacoma, WA

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