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A state seeks effective IT systems and financial strategic planning for future expenses


The Minnesota Department of Management and Budget (MMB) and Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) wanted to assess their funding model and optimize it to find a strategy that would help them sustainably fund the state’s enterprise IT systems going forward.

MMB and MNIT partnered with BerryDunn to assess and evaluate current and future enterprise IT system needs and related costs, and create a a long-term enterprise IT systems funding strategy that included paying for regular systems maintenance, adequate systems security, and ongoing improvements to enterprise IT systems and infrastructure consistent with industry best practices.


BerryDunn’s state government consulting team:

  • Conducted fact-finding activities that involved surveying, interviewing, and organizing working sessions with MMB and MNIT staff.
  • Discussed the future of procurement operations, budget considerations, and how to better inform the State Legislature with analysis regarding historical, current, and projected costs for the state's enterprise IT systems. 
  • Performed analyses of MMB’s current enterprise IT systems and proposed a financial framework.
  • Provided Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and IT/cloud strategies, and a proposed financial strategy.


MMB and MNIT have a clear picture and roadmap to address changes with regard to their technology and ERP going forward, and they have a recommended financial framework to make it happen.  

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