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Local government consulting

Strategic solutions for better communities

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Independent and objective government consulting

Focused on inspiring organizations to transform and innovate, our Local Government Practice Group partners with municipal, county, regional, and quasi-governmental entities throughout the US to help them meet their biggest challenges.

We partner with local governments at the enterprise level, as well as within and across departments, to meet the most critical needs of your community, emphasizing principles of equity and engagement. We take pride in tailoring our projects to recognize the work our clients do every day. We care about what we do, and we care about the people impacted by our work.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise cover the breadth of local government services and our experts include many former local government leaders who have hands-on, practical experience in the field, at the municipal level and within specific areas.

Community development

Our team can help you create visions, plans, and strategies to improve and innovate your community development technology solutions. Thoughtful analysis, collaboration, and communication define our approach to every project, enabling us to provide you with meaningful solutions to foster growth. Learn more about our community development consulting team.

Finance and administration

Our finance and administration services team is independent, objective, and has a deep understanding of the public sector. We analyze people, processes, and technology to streamline operations and leverage technology best practices to help you achieve your strategic vision. Learn more about our finance and administration team.

Software consulting
As an objective partner, we help agencies assess, implement, and adopt ERP, Human Capital Management (HCM), HRIS, and CIS systems to better serve your community.
Strategic planning
We partner with you to develop strategic plans with a compelling vision, and help you set measurable objectives, identify community impacts, and align resources.
Grant consulting
We guide you through the process, helping to identify funding, submit competitive applications, comply with reporting requirements, and manage the grant through closeout.

Health services

Our health services consulting team works with health and community services departments to improve the quality of lives in their communities. Leveraging our team’s extensive backgrounds in public health, equity and inclusion, and technology management, we help you push the limits of what you think is possible to achieve ambitious goals. Learn more about our health services consulting team.

Schools and educational services

Our K-12 team works closely with academic systems to establish comprehensive, cost-effective technology strategies essential to operational efficiency, and guides you through the planning and implementation process from beginning to end. Learn more about our K-12 consulting team.

Software consulting
As an objective partner, we help you assess, implement, and adopt solutions, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, to better serve your community.
Strategic planning
We partner with you to develop strategic plans with a compelling vision, and help you set measurable objectives, identify community impacts, and align resources.

Information and technology management

From evaluating your current IT environment to assessing cybersecurity threats, we develop plans that align with your needs and advance your goals. Learn more about our technology management team.

IT management and operational assessments
Our consultants look holistically at your IT program, objectively assess IT operations, organization, and service delivery, and provide actionable recommendations.
Staffing assessments
We provide an unbiased analysis of current and optimal IT staffing levels, organization, and utilization to help you identify critical gaps and areas for improvement.
IT project management
We use proven project management principles and scale them to keep clients informed of progress while keeping projects on time and on budget.

Utility operations

Drawing on decades of experience and subject matter expertise, our rate review, process analysis, and technology planning services help improve the efficiency, service, and confidence of our government utility clients. Our team has the experience necessary to analyze and optimize current business processes, plan for and implement replacement technology tools, and update rate schedules to meet current and future operating needs. Learn more about our utility operations consulting team.

Software consulting
We use deep knowledge of utility processes, technical expertise, and proven methodologies to help you plan and implement CIS systems, smart meters, and payment portals.


Enterprise and departmental strategic planning
Advising at the enterprise and department level, we partner with you to develop an action-oriented strategic plan.

We help you manage risk, plan, assess, and implement when you’re transitioning to a new ERP system.

IT consulting and strategic planning

We guide you through the strategic technology planning process to lay the groundwork for your IT investment.

Organizational design and change management

We guide your team through change by using strategies that promote the buy-in and consensus to positively impact adoption, acceptance, and overall project success. 

process improvement

We help you manage the people side of change to help ensure that your system is successfully adopted by users.


We provide project management services to help ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget.

What to expect at BerryDunn

Focused on inspiring organizations to transform and innovate, BerryDunn’s Local Government Practice Group can help you solve your biggest challenges for your organization as a whole and in specific areas. Our team is comprised of broadly specialized consultants and former local government employees that exclusively serve local government clients.  

We provide expertise in areas including finance and administration, community development, technology management, justice and public safety, parks and recreation, and health and community services. Our focus is on practical and actionable plans, using principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our recommendations. 

About us


"In my 35+ years as a software consultant and IT director, this is the smoothest conversion I have ever experienced, and a lot of the credit goes to BerryDunn and their team of qualified professionals."
Brian Scott
IT Director
City of Wilmington, NC
"In times of uncertainty, having the right partner makes all the difference. I can say with confidence that BerryDunn was an active contributor and co-author of a plan that better positioned our organization for growth and a brighter future. BerryDunn took the time to understand our organization at its core—appreciating our staff's passion for their roles and the constituents they serve. BerryDunn helped us become even more dynamic and removed the fear of losing what brought us here to begin with. With an eye for care and detail, BerryDunn encouraged us to embrace change so we could better serve our community."
Shon Sylvia
Executive Director
Metro Parks Tacoma, WA
"The experience and knowledge of the entire team was evident from the very start of this assessment. Their methodology and processes were very inclusive and directly tied to the scope of work that we requested. All Department Heads and Elected Officials had the opportunity to participate in the project and provide input on their current and future IT needs. There was constant involvement and communication with the internal project team; accordingly, there were no surprises and/or missed deliverables associated with this assessment."
Arnel R. Wetzel, Jr.
HR Director
Galveston County, TX
"The BerryDunn team is knowledgeable and professional and took the time to understand our department's needs and consistently provided valuable insight. Their assessment exceeded our expectations and their recommendations provided a roadmap for future development and improvement. "
Rob Burdess
Chief of Police
City of Newton, IA
"The City of Philadelphia hired BerryDunn as a planning consultant for two Streets Department projects. BerryDunn's staff applied valuable industry and government knowledge to produce a requirements package that hit all expectations and added significant value to the projects."
John Malcarney
City of Philadelphia

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