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Government technology improvements for a city


A large city in Utah identified a need to develop an IT strategic plan to help it determine the most beneficial ways to invest in its technology over the next five years. With several apparent areas of need, the city wanted an actionable plan to improve its technology citywide. 


BerryDunn identified where the city’s use of technology might be improved through staff training, business process redesign, and changes to applications or infrastructure. Our team of IT consultants worked collaboratively with city staff to confirm and prioritize the issues and opportunities.

While developing the Five-Year IT Strategic Plan, BerryDunn worked closely with the city to understand its goals and objectives for technology improvements. We considered multiple factors such as the maturity of the technology, the cost benefit of particular initiatives, and existing projects that were underway. Specifically, BerryDunn worked with the city to:

  1. Determine a set of actionable recommendations based on their goals and industry best practices 
  2. Develop a repeatable methodology for maintaining and updating its Five-Year IT Strategic Plan. 
  3. Achieve organizational buy-in for the plan by using a collaborative approach to identify and prioritize projects. 


The city has a clear plan for how to most effectively allocate resources to a prioritized set of technology initiatives, including specific budget and timeline estimates. The city has a roadmap for improving service delivery, leveraging technology for greater efficiency, maximizing the value of its IT investments, and better meeting the needs of its residents.

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