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Strategic planning and organization development

Inspiring growth and transformation

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Developing organization strength, unity, and vision

Organizations that have a clear strategy, efficient processes, and effective systems can prioritize operational needs, while providing an optimal level of service to constituents. But it can be challenging to take a step back and look at the big picture when you’re focused on the day-to-day.

With decades of experience in organization development and strategic planning, BerryDunn’s local government consulting team can help set your organization up for future success. Our experts will guide you through the process of defining your vision, developing a strategic plan, refining your business processes for greater efficiencies, and implementing and managing change. 


We consider all aspects of the organization to help ensure broad organizational progress, buy-in, development, and ultimately, success.

Strategic planning

Our consultants have partnered with dozens of cities and counties to help guide their strategic planning efforts. From stakeholder and community engagement, to needs assessment and facilitation, to strategic plan development and implementation, we can help you through the entire process or at specific stages.

Community engagement

We use online and in-person strategies to actively engage your community in the strategic planning process.
Stakeholder engagement

We help you engage stakeholders—elected officials, department heads, and employees—to generate buy-in, consensus, and support for your plan.

Our consultants are certified in the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ (ICA) Technology of Participation® (ToP®) facilitation methodology.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility (DEIBA)
We integrate DEIBA strategies in all of our engagements to facilitate authentic, inclusive, and accessible strategic planning processes.

Organization and leadership development

A great organization is a combination of effective people and efficient processes. We get to know each client and their unique challenges, investing the time to hear your vision, goals, and preferences to help you develop your workforce, improve performance, and strengthen the health of your organization. 

Organization assessment

Our team has the knowledge and tools to assess and benchmark your organization, departments, or specific goals such as organizational structure or culture.
Management and senior team coaching
We are skilled at coaching leaders to prepare them for change and growth, and support project success for better long-term results.
Business process improvement

We use Lean Six Sigma and other methodologies to identify root cause issues and develop more efficient processes and workflows.

Organizational change management

Critical to the success of organizational initiatives, we embed change management into every engagement. We use the Prosci ADKAR® model and other tools to assess the impact of change, conduct readiness assessments, and involve key stakeholders to promote buy-in and build consensus. We partner with you to monitor project progress and ensure that resistance is addressed early on.  

Change readiness assessments
We help you assess your employees’ and community’s readiness for change using the Prosci ADKAR® model, and then monitor resistance and provide strategies to overcome roadblocks.
Leadership training and coaching
We provide support to help leadership run projects successfully, manage change, and be effective sponsors.
Communication planning and strategy
Our team knows that communication can make or break a project. We provide hands-on assistance in planning and executing a communication strategy, internally and externally.

Actively guiding organizational success

We help you align organization development efforts with your goals, objectives, mission, and vision, taking into consideration how your efforts will impact different areas, including departments, divisions, functional areas, stakeholder groups, and the organization as a whole.

Proven yet flexible approach
Team-centric mindset and highly qualified resources
Supportive engagement and facilitation methodologies
Focus on conducting inclusive and engaging processes
Proven tools and technologies
Extensive background in organization development

What to expect at BerryDunn

Focused on inspiring organizations to transform and innovate, BerryDunn’s Local Government Practice Group can help you solve your biggest challenges for your organization as a whole and in specific areas. Our team is comprised of broadly specialized consultants and former local government employees who exclusively serve local government clients.

We provide expertise in areas including finance and administration, community development, technology management, justice and public safety, parks and recreation, and health and community services. Our focus is on practical and actionable plans, using principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our recommendations. 

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