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While most organizations make thoughtful use of data to analyze performance and inform decisions, they don’t realize their data could be doing much more. BerryDunn’s data governance specialists provide the experience and knowledge necessary to inventory organizational data flows—and leverage their full potential.  

We work collaboratively with clients to establish a clear data governance policy. Our process begins with a thorough inventory of organizational data flow and data assets, and engages stakeholders to establish data ownership and accountabilities. We have deep experience in complex organizational environments—aligning data across state agencies and their respective departments. We integrate best practice change management processes that ensure organizational buy-in, paving the way for successful data governance implementation and adoption. 

BerryDunn’s proven process involves the following key steps:

  • Data inventory. We analyze inputs and outputs of all organizational data flows to determine overall data volume—and its corresponding potential. 
  • Risk assessment. Each client has unique data security concerns. We establish protocols to minimize risk and protect data resources.
  • Data classification. Our team works to establish clear data standards and develops classifications to help organize data for more effective use. 
  • Data management. Clear data management policies, processes, and procedures are vital to any organization. We provide thorough documentation to ensure all stakeholders use and process data in accordance with organizational guidelines. 

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