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Building better systems for better community healthcare

When BerryDunn’s local health and community services team engages with local government healthcare providers, we rely on a collaborative, feedback-based methodology to identify and pursue key objectives. Our team works closely with designated stakeholders to develop a clear sense of current IT systems and organizational practices, to identify risks and challenges, and to establish clear priorities for strategic planning. 

Whether we’re working on electronic health record (EHR) system selection, independent analysis, business process redesign, or EHR system optimization, our team provides objective insights and recommendations, seeking solutions that best serve your needs. As independent consultants, we do not sell systems or software, and we do not partner with third-party vendors—allowing us to make recommendations that fit each client’s specific needs and objectives.

As trusted consultants to local government health and community services organizations throughout the region—and the country—we employ and share best practices to arrive at clear, concise, and actionable strategic plans. Once those plans are in place, we implement them efficiently and effectively, working closely with stakeholders to ensure smooth, timely, enterprise-wide adoption. 

Clients rely on BerryDunn for:

  • Current knowledge of EHR systems. As technologies evolve to accommodate regulatory changes, our team stays abreast of current technology to identify ideal short- and long-term solutions. 
  • System requirements development. We work collaboratively with each client to develop and document clear, responsive system requirements. 
  • EHR contract negotiation. Once we’ve arrived at the ideal recommendation for a client’s situation, we leverage our experience to negotiate the best possible contract terms with selected EHR system providers. 
  • Comprehensive industry credentials. Our experienced team is staffed by Licensed Healthcare Professional consultants, with deep subject matter knowledge in community care IT, regulatory matters, and operations. 

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