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Clarity amid uncertainty―develop organizational strength, unity, and vision for the future with organization development consulting

BerryDunn can provide the full spectrum of organization development (OD) services to effectively prepare your leaders and staff to successfully improve their processes, services, and optimization of technology. We take an active role, collaborating with executive leaders, employees, elected officials, and their constituents to articulate their vision and plan their future. We invest the time to hear your vision, goals, and preferences to help you develop your workforce, improve performance, and strengthen the health of your organization.

BerryDunn is pre-qualified to provide these services to government agencies via various contract vehicles. Optimize the performance of your organization, people, processes, and technology with:

  • Organizational analysis—Analyze your internal capacity, strength, and opportunities for improvement. Organizational analysis tools examine all facets of your organization, gather the relevant data, and turn that analysis into action.
  • Strategic planning and change management—Analyze and optimize organizational strengths and develop strategies for leveraging resources and opportunities. Deploy change management best practices and guide your organization to engage stakeholders, consider innovative options, and build a plan to achieve your vision, demonstrate your values, and excel at your mission.
  • Organizational health and workplace culture—The pandemic has created greater demands for staff to be agile, resilient, and innovative. Collaborate with staff and leadership to develop a workplace culture that is inclusive, supportive, and flexible in the face of adversity. Combine self-reflection, coaching, training, and development activities to transform your organizational health and workplace culture.
  • Team building and reinvention—Build healthy work relationships, align your purpose, and create a renewed motivation for teamwork, performance, and service. We can help your team develop a more focused transformation to workplace culture and an awareness of equity and racial issues in the workplace, aiming to eliminate barriers and inequities in outcomes. We provide a safe framework for transformational discussions regarding historically marginalized and underserved people.
  • Organizational redesign—Optimize job design, certification, work processes, work environment and cultural changes, training systems, team design, and human resource systems (hiring, orientation, corrective action, compensation, etc.).
  • Curriculum and training system development—Identify learning needs and skills and knowledge deficits and then develop engaging and interactive training.
  • Business process design for performance and quality improvement—Extensive background in quality improvement, project management, and lean implementation can help you streamline and improve business processes for reduced expense, improved service, and effective use of funds.
  • Large-scale organization project management—Extensive project management experience can help your internal team and provide the additional capacity to plan and execute specific efforts.
  • Executive coaching—Develop leaders or potential leaders to improve your effectiveness in the organization.

We help you identify shared commitment and dedication to take definitive action and achieve a specific policy or community outcome. Our public sector strategic planning provides a roadmap that helps your organization, group of organizations, or system achieve positive and even transformational impacts on the lives of people and communities.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you transform your agency, contact the organization development consulting team.

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