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Winning hearts and minds: Managing the process of managing change

From an organizational perspective, periodic change is often seen as essential to success. Whether it’s a new computer system, enhanced business processes, or fundamental structural change, it’s nice to think the advantages of carefully crafted plans for organizational evolution will earn immediate acceptance. But experience tells a different story. 

Change implementation requires careful planning, abundant communication, and consistent leadership. Most important of all, effective organizational change requires the support of the people tasked with carrying it forward, each and every day. 

The BerryDunn team, which includes 42 Prosci®-Certified Change Practitioners, helps clients develop practical, effective plans to communicate change strategies at every level of the organization. We help you gauge potential resistance and develop strategies to address and overcome barriers. Our work succeeds through ongoing communication to, and with members of the organization to clarify goals, objectives, and the importance of each individual’s role. We provide step-by-step processes that chart a clear path to broad organizational adoption and implementation of new protocols. 

Our organizational change management services include:

  • Comprehensive change management strategy development and implementation support
  • Step-by-step documentation of change management initiatives
  • Crafting and managing stakeholder communications
  • Executive sponsor and designated change agent support 
  • Planning and oversight of end-user adoption and training
  • Strategy development for addressing and overcoming change resistance 
  • Implementation risk identification and mitigation strategy development

BerryDunn has experience (and lessons learned) in all industries with large and small changes and offers a Prosci-certified resource for each project. 

  • We integrate change management and project management
  • 42 Prosci®-Certified Change Practitioners on staff
  • Our services adhere to the Standard for Change Management established by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)

To learn more, please contact our change management services team

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