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BerryDunn helps a public health agency commit to continuous improvement


West Virginia’s Bureau for Public Health (BPH) oversees 130 diverse programs meant to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the state’s 1.8 million residents.


In late 2018, West Virginia’s BPH created a strategic map to guide implementation of key objectives from 2019 to 2022. The strategic map led to the creation of four workgroups, each meant to address priorities in the areas of administrative policies and procedures, data-driven decision-making, stakeholder engagement, and workforce development.


To support each of the four workgroups, BerryDunn’s public health consulting team: 

  • Drafted measurable goals, objectives, and timelines 
  • Met with project leads to understand each workgroup’s progress and challenges 
  • Facilitated workgroup meetings guided by project management best practices
  • Provided project oversight services


BerryDunn led development of a Performance Management and Quality Improvement (PMQI) plan, which helps BPH use data to measure performance, solidifies a commitment to continuous improvement, and provides guidance on leveraging Quality Improvement (QI) tools and techniques. BerryDunn’s public health consulting team used their extensive experience and subject matter expertise to achieve the below project milestones: 

  • Drafted PMQI Plan 
  • Formed the PMQI Council 
  • Conducted Pilot QI Project 
  • Made recommendations for improved partner engagement 
  • Initiated BPH website homepage redesign 
  • Developed a policy creation and review process and template 
  • Formed the Policy Review Team (PRT) 
  • Created a central repository for BPH policies and procedures 
  • Identified and addressed gaps in policies and procedures required for PHAB accreditation 
  • Formalized an onboarding process 
  • Developed an external internship guide for applicants and internal internship guide to recruit interns

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