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BerryDunn Selected by NESCSO to Provide Training and Leadership Development Resources


The New England States Consortium Systems Organization (NESCSO) announced that BerryDunn has been chosen as one among seven organizations from whom the NESCSO member states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut can access training and leadership development resources. 

The NESCSO State Advisory Committee selected BerryDunn based on their expertise and extent of their knowledge of state Health and Human Services (HHS) needs and their innovative approach to leadership and organization development. States can access organizational assessment services, team building, skills building, customized leadership development, and services to build consensus for future strategy. BerryDunn can also help with workforce planning and employee development, facilitating the transition to a remote work setting through re-entry, and designing skills development for the future workforce. BerryDunn will be on a pre-qualified list for three years during which time NESCSO will fund and facilitate contracting efforts on behalf of its member states. 

NESCSO’s mission is to enhance and support the capacity of state government to deliver services in a person-centered and cost-effective HHS system. BerryDunn supports this mission through its depth of experience working with a range of state HHS divisions and programs, and open communication and collaboration.

“The BerryDunn team combines expertise to optimize state HHS operations, develop leaders and teams, and build alignment within and between organizations,” said Ed Daranyi, a Principal in BerryDunn’s Government Consulting Group and the firm’s Medicaid Practice Area Leader. “We are excited to help NESCSO member agencies achieve NESCSO’s mission in response to the needs of the people and families they serve. We will work to achieve this through a collaborative and integrated approach that leverages the strengths of all the agencies involved.”

For over 30 years, BerryDunn has helped state HHS agencies make a positive impact on the populations they serve. With an independent perspective and a collaborative approach, we help clients improve operations, gain value from existing programs, and identify new opportunities. We help clients improve their organization development, optimize business processes and technology, meet financial and regulatory requirements, manage risk, and strengthen systems security. BerryDunn clients gain value from our deep understanding of the daily and long-term challenges facing state agencies and expertise in public and private healthcare.

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