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Tailored tax and accounting solutions for the manufacturing industry

BerryDunn offers clients in the manufacturing industry access to global industry knowledge and tailored, practical solutions that address complex operational, investment, risk management, and compliance challenges. Our professionals work collaboratively with each client, engaging in close communication to understand current practices and build actionable strategies for short- and long-term success.

BerryDunn team can help in these areas:

Accounting and assurance services

Our experts partner with manufacturing clients to help them:

  • Develop growth strategies. As a full-service accounting firm, we have deep expertise as accountants and business advisors to growing manufacturers, providing valuable insights that inform effective growth strategies.
  • Assess and manage business risks. We assist clients in identifying risks both inside and outside the organization, and can develop and maintain risk management programs to mitigate potential financial losses and reputational damage.
  • Conduct audits. Our assurance professionals perform risk-based audits based on a comprehensive understanding of operations, strategic business plans, and financial systems. These findings inform operational, investment, and risk management insights—and implementation of timely remedies.
  • Excel during crunch times. Our outsourced accounting team can provide everything from CFO services to back office functions, so your company runs smoothly even at the busiest of times.
  • Review and compilation of financial statements 

Tax services

Our tax team members are experts in helping clients minimize risk and maximize opportunities. They can help you:

  • Understand tax planning and compliance specifically for manufacturing companies.
  • Optimize R&D tax credits  
  • Nexus reviews for working across state lines
  • Optimize your global tax position with transfer pricing

Consulting services

Our consultants have deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry and can help you:

  • Optimize inventory costing and pricing decisions
  • Optimize return strategies. Our team helps clients to optimize returns by providing insights on margin management programs. We work to understand your current cost structure and develop clear strategies to achieve defined results—working with clear metrics to monitor progress.
  • Gain control of inventory processes. We can help guide you through appropriate valuation methods and decide between LIFO and FIFO methods to best meet your tax and financial performance goals.
  • Make informed business decisions. From mergers and acquisitions to employee benefit plans, we partner with clients to help them make the best decisions for their businesses.
  • Accelerate the value of your company. Our credentialed business valuation experts can provide an independent, objective opinion of your company’s value and opportunities to accelerate it.

Our team has a people-first approach to clients. We look forward to getting to know each client and their specific needs, and helping them find the best solution to each challenge. To get started, contact a member of our manufacturing accounting and consulting team.

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