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Gain compliancePCI DSS for your business

If your organization stores, processes, or transmits credit card data, get in compliance with BerryDunn.

We offer a range of services to help you meet your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance needs and help you build a PCI DSS compliance program.

As a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), BerryDunn provides the official onsite PCI assessments activities. We can assist with scoping out your cardholder data environment (CDE) through completing a Report on Compliance (ROC). Our experienced team of QSAs can help you avoid the pitfalls, and build a strong compliance program for your organization, allowing you to have peace of mind and focus on your core business. Our services include:

  • PCI Scope Verification and Scope Reduction Strategy
    Provide guidance in defining the in-scope PCI environment, addressing identified gaps, and provide guidance in determining your merchant or service provider level. Our QSAs can also provide recommendations for reducing the scope of your CDE.
  • PCI DSS Readiness Review
    Review selected PCI DSS controls to determine readiness to conduct the official Report on Compliance (ROC) Assessment. This helps identify any significant gaps related to PCI DSS compliance that would prevent a client from being compliant.
  • PCI DSS Gap Analysis
    Identify gaps and provide solutions to remediate them.
  • PCI SAQ Guidance
    Provide guidance on selecting appropriate Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and provide assistance in completing the SAQ.
  • PCI SAQ Assessment
    Provide full review of PCI DSS controls which will result in completion of appropriate SAQ.
  • PCI DSS Report on Compliance (ROC)
    Provide full review of all PCI Controls that will result in a Report of Compliance and Attestation of Compliance (AOC).
  • PCI QSA Ongoing Support
    A BerryDunn QSA will provide ongoing PCI guidance and interpretation of PCI DSS requirements throughout the year.

To learn more, please contact our PCI audit services team

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