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Our independent consultants have your best interests in mind

With clients throughout the United States, BerryDunn’s revenue and tax team has deep understanding of the nuances of complex enterprise IT modernization projects. Our team engages closely with designated agency stakeholders to understand current systems, assess existing risks and challenges, and develop a clear strategy for achieving new system priorities.

With each engagement, we apply a clear, methodical process to arrive at comprehensive, actionable recommendations. Our process is flexible, designed to understand and serve the unique needs of each client. We rely on client engagement throughout the process, maintaining clear lines of communication that help us design the ideal solution—while encouraging early adoption when new systems are up and running.

When retained to address your modernization needs, our revenue and tax team will:

  • Help reduce project risk by providing appropriate planning and oversight for business and technology modernization initiatives.
  • Perform an objective, comprehensive market review to identify system alternatives—and arrive at the best recommendations—for you. BerryDunn does not sell or develop software, and does not partner with vendors, which allows us to focus solely on serving the best interests of each client.
  • Inform smart financial decisions through comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.
  • Provide independent oversight and support throughout the entire procurement life cycle, including requirements gathering, RFP development, and contract negotiations.

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