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Gain control Organizational studies

Analyze, design, and plan for future success

BerryDunn’s organizational studies help clients to understand their organizational strengths, challenges, and opportunities, and to inform the cultural changes necessary to plan for the future—and achieve key business goals. Our proven methodology encourages extensive collaboration with stakeholders, allowing us to gain a clear picture of how people, processes, and systems work together. We leverage on-site fact-finding sessions and surveys to gather in-depth information about each client’s organization, capturing critical details of current infrastructure, service levels, skills, operations, and policies. 

  • Comprehensive assessment of organizational structure
  • Staff skills assessment and needs analysis
  • Recommendation development, with ongoing stakeholder collaboration to establish clear priorities

Working with information gathered during our discovery process, we then develop and document actionable recommendations, and provide clear guidelines for implementation. To ensure the success of implementation, we often continue our work with stakeholders to ensure enterprise-wide adoption of a cohesive organizational foundation to help you optimize operations, meet service needs, and achieve your strategic goals.

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