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Cost of service analysis and fee studies

Optimizing financial
for local governments

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Set appropriate fees to better serve your community

Periodic user fee studies are a complex but necessary undertaking for any municipality committed to providing high-quality services to customers and residents. These studies also help inform the creation of realistic and understandable fee schedules and structures.

BerryDunn’s local government consulting team includes former local government practitioners and financial experts who understand the intricacies involved in setting appropriate fees and determining the cost of services. We work hard to understand your specific needs, developing tailor-made, comprehensive fee studies that are aligned with your organization and goals. 


Consulting services

We help you optimize your local government resources by determining the actual cost of services and developing rates that support financial and service stability in the areas of community development, utilities, and parks and recreation.  

Community development fee studies

Undertaking a cost-of-service analysis and adjusting user fees accordingly is one of the best ways municipalities can maintain alignment between the cost of providing services and cost recovery needs.

Our consultants include former planners and community development leaders who understand your needs, and will help you implement best practice solutions. 

Building fee studies
We examine your current building fees and assess the cost of services and cost recovery levels to help you make informed decisions.
Planning and development fee studies
We partner with you to review, benchmark, and set defensible planning and development fees for your community.
Utility rate studies
We provide cost of service and rate setting services help to ensure that client rates reflect both current and long-term costs.

User fee studies

Our deep bench of experts in parks and recreation agency services allows us to give you holistic recommendations that consider organization-wide operations. You can rely on our team’s deep understanding of the parameters that go into defining the fees for these services, and how costs are recovered for a healthy operation.   

Recreation user fees
Our analyses will help you determine the true costs of providing services and create a basis for making informed decisions.
Park user fees
We understand the many factors and perspectives to consider when reviewing park user fees as well as industry best practices and current trends.

Utility rate studies

A utility fee study is a complex but necessary undertaking for any public sector entity committed to maintaining high-quality services for constituents and realistic fee structures. Our team has first-hand experience in the public sector and a deep understanding of assessing service fees and projecting an accurate recovery rate for the future. 

Utility revenue requirement analyses
Our consultants are experienced at conducting analyses to ensure your rates will produce the revenue needed to meet your expenditures.

What to expect at BerryDunn

Focused on inspiring organizations to transform and innovate, BerryDunn’s Local Government Practice Group can help you solve your biggest challenges for your organization as a whole and in specific areas. Our team is comprised of broadly specialized consultants and former local government leaders who exclusively serve local government clients.    

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