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Position for the future—innovative strategies for parks, recreation, and libraries

BerryDunn's consultants specialize in creating processes to increase the level of sophistication in operations, improve innovation, identify how to improve services based on community need, and elevate the brand and image of agencies nationwide―all based on our team’s combined 100 years of parks, recreation, and libraries experience. We can help you with:

  • Strategic planning—Envision, create, and implement a plan to bring your agency's mission, vision, and values to life. Our comprehensive process includes an environmental scan, community needs assessment, and most importantly, staff engagement. The planning process also includes how to successfully implement strategic recommendations.  
  • Master planning—Our process includes a robust community engagement component and features a demographic study, park inventory and analysis, level of service standards, recreation program assessment, operations assessment, funding and revenue strategies, capital project plan, and well-defined action plans, created in collaboration with you.
  • Pricing and cost recovery studies—Review your revenue plan, subsidy levels, and pricing policy, and build solutions based on your philosophy. We can help you create and implement a financial management plan for your unique characteristics, positioning your agency to be resilient and successful, regardless of economic or political climate.
  • Feasibility studies—Determining the financial viability and return on investment of a new or renovated facility or amenity such as an aquatics park or community center is the initial step in deciding whether or not to invest in the project. A feasibility study involves market analysis, operating requirements, revenue generation recommendations, and a pro forma that predicts future revenues, expenses, and any subsidy requirements.  
  • Operational assessments—Our operational analysis work provides expert, objective perspective of the internal workings of your organization. We assess the entire organization and can include a deep dive into specific areas, like park maintenance and operations, facility management, and recreation programming.  
  • Staff training, public speaking, elected official workshops—A wide variety of staff training and workshop opportunities are customized to meet your specific needs and areas of improvement.
  • Strategic customer service systems—Analyze all aspects of your customer transactions at every stage, and then develop strategies to help you continuously improve your customer experiences.

We work tirelessly to help you build and maintain your capacity, forging lifetime relationships with our clients, based on our sense of care and responsiveness to your needs. Continuous improvement is a hallmark of your strategy that includes a long-term vision for success, and boosts the morale and energy of your team. To learn more about these and other services, or if you have a question, please contact the parks, recreation, and libraries consulting team.

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