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Gain momentumOperational analysis

Building better work processes for parks and recreation

Our operational analysis helps you improve your work processes and develop more efficient methods for improved organizational efficiency. The assessment, while tailored to your specific needs, generally includes reviews of your leadership system, operations, process, customers and market, and data for decision making.

After the initial assessment, we then review an entire system, or elements of the system, including maintenance, recreation, planning, service quality, and administrative functions. We apply Lean concepts in order to help you improve work methods, reduce organizational waste, and provide recommendations for improved organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our parks and recreation team offers assessments including but not limited to: 

Recreation program analysis
While delivering innovative recreation programs that generate interest from your constituency is tantamount to parks and recreation success, many times departments don’t innovate, and a lack of creative programs leads to lower attendance. Our process helps you identify customer needs, take stock and analyze current offerings, and review the program development process, measurement systems, competitive analysis, and marketing initiatives. The result? Re-energized programs, revenue growth, and improved enrollment.

Maintenance management assessment
As park maintenance requires a significant portion of your budget (including staff, equipment, and vehicles), improving efficiency is at a premium. We employ a variety of approaches to help your department optimize your budget, including 5S and Lean, design and maintenance standards, ongoing replacement schedules for equipment, vehicles, and park and facility infrastructure. We review work methods, staffing, performance measures, work culture, sustainable practices, and resource allocation to help you design a plan that makes the most sense for your department.

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