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Reduce risk with data-driven decisions

Benchmarking is an important component for continuous improvement. BerryDunn develops benchmarking metrics that allow clients to compare themselves to their relevant industry peers. Our team provides clear, data-derived performance measurements, identifying areas for improvement to increase profits, asset utilization, and operational efficiency. Whether you are buying or selling a business, our comprehensive benchmarking process provides you with the insights to make more informed business decisions. 

We tailor our benchmarking efforts to your specific needs and objectives. Common areas of analysis include: 

  • Asset allocation, understanding the interplay between current assets, fixed assets, and investment cycles
  • Capital structure, exploring the appropriate levels of debt and equity in various industries, as well as the current liabilities 
  • Cost structure, comparisons of direct costs across different entities or industries, as well as the appropriate classification of direct and support activities 
  • Financial metrics, analyzing the strength of the balance sheet and income statement and how the two interrelate
  • Operating cycle and revenue cycle, determining the length of time required to turn effort into cash
  • Risk assessment, based on financial metrics, analyzing the attractiveness of an operation from a lending or equity investment perspective

We provide detailed reporting that facilitates clear comparisons between your performance and the relevant benchmark. These findings fuel our insights, helping to identify strengths and shortcomings, which in turn drive our recommended improvement strategies. 

We serve clients in a variety of industries: 

To learn more, please contact our benchmarking services team.

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