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Unlocking operational data for enhanced financial performance 

BerryDunn’s data analytic and benchmarking services take a comprehensive review of each client’s operations to provide clear insights that reveal the link between operational practices and financial performance. In the long-term care, assisted living, and senior living industries, providers are routinely faced with evolving, often increasing regulations without commensurate increases in reimbursement schedules. Despite those competing pressures, providers remain committed to providing the highest possible level of care. 

Working in collaboration with key stakeholders, the BerryDunn team helps providers to leverage available data in an effort to identify success patterns and shortcomings. We then apply our expertise and objectivity to apply our unique approach to reporting and benchmarking―ultimately creating opportunities to enhance both operational efficiencies and financial success. 

The BerryDunn team: 

  • Leverages decades of experience to evaluate client data. Our process reveals patterns―stories―in data that show both operational strengths and weaknesses, which then inform strategies for operational improvement.
  • Works collaboratively with clients. We partner with client stakeholders to understand the interplay between organizational culture and operational data―and develop solutions that fit. 
  • Sets the stage for continuous improvement. During each engagement, we develop frameworks that enable clients to grow, evolve, and embrace opportunities for continued success. 
  • Tailors client-specific data analysis and recommendations. Our support is as unique as the clients we serve, taking into consideration local demographics, organizational mission, programming and other issues that affect operations and financial outcomes. 

Want to see how benchmarking can help you enhance your operations? Contact the team. 

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