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Gain actionable insightHospital benchmarking

Unleash the potential behind your data and optimize your hospital’s performance

BerryDunn’s hospital benchmarking data provides perspective of where you stand in relation to peer organizations, and helps develop a clear roadmap for improvement. Our benchmarking consultants work with you to make sure you are looking at metrics that match your needs and business goals.

Graphical reporting, along with explanatory analysis, delivers clear comparison between your performance and each relevant benchmark. The analysis fuels our insights and helps us identify strengths and opportunities, which drive our recommended performance improvement strategies. Our benchmarking services:

  • Establish financial ratios and analysis, providing a clear sense of your hospital’s financial performance relative to the industry 
  • Provide a large amount of data specific to your organization and your peer organizations for comparison
  • Can be targeted on local, regional, and national levels to provide insight specific to your organization
  • Include industry-leading expert analysis based on the data we uncover, making it meaningful and providing actionable intelligence you can use to identify areas of opportunity
  • Deliver exclusive data that helps you prioritize your findings and optimize your strategy
  • Utilize comparable information exclusively from CMS and S&P databases of financial and operational metrics, obtained from independent, reliable data sources
  • Highlight untapped opportunities for cost savings and existing opportunities to increase the effectiveness of specific processes

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making 

BerryDunn has developed an enhanced benchmarking portal to help hospitals and health systems stay on top of industry trends and performance. Our portal provides you with access to a vast repository of the most recent quarterly cost report data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. You can customize your experience to align comparisons with your specific needs and access key insights to inform your decision-making process. Explore our benchmarking portal now

To learn more, contact BerryDunn’s hospital benchmarking team

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